Saturday, June 11, 2011

Optional Reading Material

Hey there. It's been a while since I have posted anything here so I'll let you in on a secret. I have a new blog! Robot Hooker Party! Don't be scared. It's good fun. It's just another comedy blog kind of like this one.

I guess I should explain.

I decided to start a new blog which will be more my own thing and more my style. It will be updated A LOT more often but to do that it will be a little looser. Not every post will be as long as they are on here and they won't all be full on article length. I will share other funny stuff I come across that I think people should check out. Don't worry. I won't be posting every little funny thing I come across like a teenage girl tweeting about how much math class sucks. That would be annoying. And boring. And pathetic since I'm too old for that.

As for the name, Robot Hooker Party sounds like a joke I would say. Well, truthfully it was the only name I didn't hate after 24 hours and I would totally buy a robot hooker if I could afford it. I'd take it bowling.

The future of this blog is a little up in the air. I will still update here from time to time. My buddy, the co-writer on this blog, has been real busy with life stuff. He may or may not be back. And who knows, he may come by the new one for a post or two.

Anyway, come on over. We'll have a few laughs, drink some beers, and not let the party turn awkward late at night. They're just robots dude. They don't have feelings and won't call the cops on you. It's cool. Seriously.

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